The Workshops

Please enroll online by writing us an email, so we can get materials ready!

Recycle/Reuse, by Maggie Müller from Australia :

make a creative ornament from ‘junk’ – bits of hardware, scraps of plastic, leather, what’s leftover of an old watch… We can supply some tools, but please bring along your own if you have them – here are Maggie’s instructions (Click to download, pdf file)

Paper Beads, by Heart Treasures

This workshop is suited to people new to the craft, even school children with a flair for handiwork. We make beads by rolling paper strips; there’s more than one way of doing this! All materials supplied.

Fibre Beads, by Kraftangan Malaysia Sarawak Branch

Use natural fibre, finely split bamboo, and plait it into ‘basket-beads’. Patient instructors from the Malaysian Handicrafts Board will tell you how! All materials supplied

Hand-painted Eco-beads, by Limkokwing University

Decorate a stone-hard, pre-drilled dabai seed according to your own creative fancy. Acrylic paints provided, please bring your own paintbrushes.

Orang Ulu Bead Bobble – Small item Beadwork, by Livan Enterprise

Make the distinctive ‘bead bobble’ that embellishes Orang Ulu people necklaces.

You will be issued with a kit of tiny beads and a length of string when you register for BIBCo, to string them in your free time. At the workshop you will be taught how to make the actual ‘bobble.’

Traditional Beads in Modern Jewelry, by Martina Dempf

Martina, a well-known jewelry designer from Germany, will show you what can be done with beads! Bring along your own beads and string, scissors etc. and a small towel to work on, so your beads won’t roll away!

Beaded Chinese Bracelet, by Valerie Hector

This workshop uses advanced beading techniques, not suited to beginners Bring tools and materials, and/or buy a basic kit. The full requirements here (Click to download, pdf file)

Paiwanese Beadwork, by Kathy Chen Huei Yun

Member of the Paiwanese ethnic group, from Taiwan, will share beading skills with us. String and some beads supplied, bring beads of your own to eke out the traditional Paiwanese ones.

Lamp Bead Demonstration, by Florence Sujang

Florence will show us how glass beads are actually produced. This demonstration will be of interest to BIBCo participants who are not yet familiar with the lamp bead technique.