When you register, please indicate which workshops you want to attend. Participation numbers are kept small, but the workshops will be repeated.

Please also see, the 2015 BiBCo workshop schedule.

bibco-2015-programme(Download PDF – 900KB)

Elaine Robnett Moore

Bead stringing, modern

Elaine Robnett Moore will give a masterclass in bead stringing, and tell BIBCo participants about the practical aspects of bead-maker and bead-designer enterpreneurship. She is keen to work with our indigenous bead artists. Special thread provided but bring needles, scissors; Elaine will advise participants which beads to buy at BeadsAbuzz Bazaar


Ashvin Rajagopalan Beads of Tamil Nadu

Bead Stringing the Tamil Nadu way

(beads and thread provided)


Jamey Allen

Native American Beadwork

Jamey Allen will introduce  a craft of the Sioux people of South Dakota.  Jamey will teach the use of the back-stitch technique to create a beaded rosette  that can be used as a pendant or appliqué; he will have a variety of designs, and a variety of bead colors to choose from.  Participants should bring a pair of scissors, and a box in which to take home their work.  A flat-jaw needle-nose pliers is helpful, but not required.  The class will be limited to twelve (12) people.


Lara LeReveur

Polymer Clay beads

Lara is a polymer clay artist who will teach this modern craft to BIBCo participants.

12 pax, 1 teacher. All materials provided.


Eleanor Goroh

Sabah modern

Modern adaptations and varieties of traditional Sabah bead skills.  Materials provided


Margaret Mueller


Make treasures from trash!  Start keeping odds and ends now – scraps of leather, a shell, a broken watch, drink tin tabs, old badges, colourful drink cans…  Participants bring along their own supposedly useless materials, also a few small tools (pliers,awl, light hammer) up to 20 pax


Hearts’ Treasures

Paper beads

Paper can be recycled and reused in a hundred creative ways – the ladies of Hearts’ Treasures will show you how!  Materials provided. 6 teachers, 15 pax


Irene Koch

Yarn/fibre, worked  with  beads

This workshop is restricted to participants who know how to crochet. Crocheting yarns provided; bring along own crochet hook, darning needle, and about 60 beads with holes large enough (min.3 mm)  to be threaded on to yarn.


Roselyn Lah

Orang Ulu ‘bobble’

Participants collect the workshop kit on registration; string several metres of small beads before you come to the workshop proper! The bobble is made of small beads,  quite tricky to make, but our Orang Ulu ladies will show you how it’s done!  All materials provided



Semi-rigid fibre, shells

Kraftangan experts teach  BIBCo

·         to plait dainty beads out of finely split bamboo slivers; 2 teachers, 15 pax

·         to use pierced snail shell as beads; 2 teachers, 15 pax. All materials provided


SDNU/SIDS – Norine Emas/Catherine E.Kechendai

Marik empang

Iban girls wear a special kind of ‘bead collar’. At  BIBCo, we will learn how to make a miniature of this pretty traditional piece of beadwork, or its modern version.

2 teachers, 20 pax.  All materials provided



Orang Ulu beadwork

The Sarawak Craft Council experts will introduce BIBCo participants to the art of Orang Ulu beading; it resembles a macramé technique, strung with beads. Make

·         square coaster; 10 pax, 1 teacher

·         decorative bracelet; 10 pax 1 teacher.  All materials provided


Khatijah Sanusi/Elin A.K.P. Zaman

Embellishment of garments

This workshop is about beading on cloth; the researcher started her beady journey in long-ago Turkey, and traces the development of patterns and motifs to modern Malaysia

All materials provided


Reita Rahim

Rungus Beading stringing/ looming

Traditional Rungus beadwork involves the use of a simple loom; find out all about it at BIBCO.

All materials provided