By Special Invitation…
Elaine Robnett Moore (USA) is back in Kuching to conduct a 2-Day Masterclass Workshop

Click and check out her works here: Elaine Robnette Moore

Date    :          Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th October 2017
Venue :          The Ranee Boutique Suites, 6 & 7 Main Bazaar, 93000 Kuching
Time   :          9:00am – 1:00pm
Rate    :          RM 450 (inclusive jewellery materials from USA, coffee & tea)

LIMITED to 20pax!! To register please call Mdm. Heidi 012-276 2737


Wednesday, 11 October
The Art of Design / Creative Techniques
(for advanced students)


  • Overview of design techniques that expand creativity and improve the finish of work
  • Demonstrate how these techniques can make their work competitive globally and ultimately increase the monetary value of and income from designers work
  • Students will make a necklace using rubber, pearls, and crystals

Thursday, 12 October
The Art of Design / Creative Techniques B & Assessment of Students Jewelry Pieces
(for advanced students)

  • An assessment of the designs and finish of jewelry students have made in the past
  • Students bring their previously finished pieces to the workshop for assessment
  • Introduction of global quality standards
  • Work with students to identify new ways to better finish both their traditional and contemporary jewelry – this supports participants ability to compete in a global marketplace




Dates :          13 – 15 October
Time  :          12 noon to 6 pm
Venue :         The Waterfront Hotel Function Rooms

To register please call Mdm. Heidi 012-276 2737 or email

Hands-on workshops in the literal sense of the word : use needles, crochet hooks,  thread, string, pliers, hammers, awls and punches, even a blowtorch!

PamAnnesleyPam Annesley, metal clay bead and pendant making. Work with a special clay, fire the piece, end up with a beautiful ornament resembling bronze or silver!

19959274_1803389463010921_2326183665671795430_nFloor Kaspers‘Basic peyote beadwork. Follow a pattern to make your own BIBCO souvenir or enjoy working freestyle with mixed colours. Be inspired by the colors and textures of beadwork to make your own art. The workshop is suitable for beginners in beadwork, but will also have some tips and tricks for the more experienced leader. We will be working in Japanese Miyuki delica beads. All tools and beads will be provided. If you have any of your own favorite beading thread, needles, scissors or beads, you can also use those. If you use reading glasses, bring those too. These beads are small!

MaggieMuellerMaggie Mueller, traditional Abyssinan pendant, special kind of beads will be provided. The work is beautiful and intricate — participants should have some knowledge of beading

DoraJokDora Jok, Orang Ulu traditional beadwork

EleanorLuxEleanor Luxuse the traditional Native American ‘gourd stitch’ to make whimsical figurines ,delicate jewelry  and ornaments

LaraLeReveurLara LeReveur, learn how to make beautiful multi-coloured and multi-layered beads from polymer clay. The material is easy to work, like plasticine, but it’s fired in an ordinary ‘toaster oven’ to harden it. And,  yes, we do use noodle-making machinery!

Elaine Robnett Moore, a special design masterclass will be conducted on Wednesday the 11th & Thursday 12th October; an intensive, spectacular!Or make a pair of crazy fun earrings with her during our BIBCO conference workshops.

CatherineKechendaiCatherine Kechendai, the traditional art of ‘iban Bead Collars’ is taken into the 21st century; learn how to make a modern marik empang form one of the most experienced practitioners and teachers of the art.

RoselynLahRoselyn Lah, the workshop to make a traditional Orang Ulu ‘bead bobble’ needs some preparation! collect your kit at Registration, you’ll need to bead one long string  of tiny seed beads before workshop starts

11953191_10206863007906468_3806004420053319691_nKraftanganrainforest fibre beads, sea shell beads (2 workshops)

20604459_10212668881809687_5150790155156666967_nIrene Koch, Yarns and Beads go beautifully together, the shiny baubles twinkling among knotting, crocheting and  knitting of natural fibre yarns. Participants need some crocheting skills!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-17 at 18.06.47Hearts Treasures, Recycling is chic! Learn how to use paper in a variety of artistic ways to fold, layer, roll and twist it into beads.

EleanorGorohEleanor Goroh,  beads and  brass bells are strung in the traditional Dusun and Iban way, and then participants are taught to sing and dance in the old-new Borneo style. You string, you sing, you prance you dance with your beads!

Lucille Awen Jon, following Bidayuh tradition, this workshop recreates and adapts what used to be a ceremonial woman’s necklace, mainly worn by priestesses in the old days.

Marilee Wood, The workshop is for those who like to sit back, relax, and learn something new. Marilee Wood gives an illustrated talk about her career in archaeology,‘My Life on the Digs’.

Thomas Chung,  Bunchar Pongpanich, John MiksicAn Jai Yao, Bead ID – bring your treasured beads for an expert opinion. This workshop is an informal discussion group.